Not all those who wander are lost.
23 years old.
Manchester, UK.

I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored.
David Attenborough
My hero.

"What is up with Giving Tree here?”

Get to know: Benedict Cumberbatch (insp)

The Game of Thrones cast does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (donate: x )

Benedict Cumberbatch does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Video // Donate

the walking dead meme: seven quotes [4/7] : The world ended, didn’t you get the memo?

I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.

beautiful music videos | (11/?) all about that bass by meghan trainor

"Yeah it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size 2! But I can shake it, shake it, like I’m supposed to do! ‘Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase… All the right junk in all the right places! I see the magazines working that Photoshop, we know that shit ain’t real, come on now, make it stop! If you got beauty just raise ‘em up, cause […]"

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